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Our projects always include web site design, a content management system, and robust hosting


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MyCatholicSite.com is a service that provides websites for christian minded organizations, like churches and non-profit organizations. We know the drill, we are easy to work with, and on top of that we offer an affordable and simple pricing structure, with two levels.

Small Parish

Small organizations

  • Free Migration
  • 300 MB storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Website
  • Forum
  • Members area
  • 24h support
  • Monthly plan
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Large Parish

Larger organizations

  • Free Migration
  • 1000 MB storage
  •  Unlimited bandwidth
  • Website
  • Forum
  • Members area
  •  24h support
  •  Monthly plan
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Please find more information on how we work here.
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How We Work

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A typical project we do together with our client will have the following work flow:

Customer contacts us. Together we define the kind of website or upgrade to current website that is needed.
The website content is designed and written together with the customer. Often the content ideas are provided by the customer, but the final copy is finalized by one of our experienced writers. This phase is charged as per hour, and a typical project cost is about 2500 USD.
The project is moved out to the internet on our reliable hosting platform. The customer is trained on how to update any future content by themselves, with the easy-to-use content management system we provide
In phase 4 we provide the hosting, and possible additional support if/when needed. The customer can also move the hosting to another provider, i.e. they are not bound to us by force in any way.
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The Importance of Having a Website for Businesses, Communities and Public Organizations

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The Importance of Having a Website for Businesses, Communities and Public Organizations

Not Only for Individuals and Corporations

The importance of having a website cannot be understated whether it’s a website for a business, a community or a public organization. Websites have a huge payoff in a variety of ways without a huge investment of time or money. In fact, having a website doesn’t even need a ton of technical expertise. What is important is to get a website up and running to begin reaping the rewards.


One of the things that highlight the importance of having a website is advertising. A website allows a user to quickly update addresses, phone numbers, products, services, events and any other relevant details. These changes are far less expensive and less time consuming than physically reprinting all sorts of different paper marketing materials. Online advertising on websites also has no limits on size – there can be a huge amount of information included in full detail and color without worrying about added costs of printed materials.

Market Expansion

Having a website allows the market to increase substantially. In fact, the internet knows no limits! People all over the world can view information about the company, group or organization being represented on a website. There will be no limits on the market that can be reached because of time zones, countries, borders or even languages. Many web browsers will translate websites to the language of the user’s choice at the click of a button. All of this market expansion is possible at a cost much less than other forms of advertising such as print mailers, newspaper ads or television commercials.

Client Expectations

We are living in an ever increasingly digital world. People expect automatic answers to questions and honestly assume that nearly everyone has their own website. In fact, the internet has largely taken over directory assistance, yellow pages or even local phone books for contact information. If your information cannot be found online, it is almost as though you don’t exist. It is also important that a website is fully functional from mobile devices such as smart phones for clients who are constantly on the go.

Legitimacy of the Group or Business

Because so many different groups – both for profit and non-profit groups—and businesses have their own website, those without lack a certain amount of legitimacy. People who are interested in receiving more information may get the wrong impression on the size, scope and professionalism of a group without a website. Websites for all manner of groups, companies and even individuals are so common that potential clients may be more than put off by groups lacking one. These groups may be seen as technologically stymied at best and inferior quality at worst.

24/7 Availability

Most businesses and groups simply cannot run as consistently as a website can. A website can offer information to interested parties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no regard to vacation time or even statutory holidays. People often visit websites outside of normal working hours and this may even be the only time that they have available to find out about your organization. Information simply must be available at all times when people live in such a busy world and a website is the most cost effective way to provide an unlimited amount of information at all times.

Client Relations

Part of the importance of having a website is to strengthen client relations. The website itself helps to develop and strengthen relations with current and prospective customers. The website can proactively target marketing efforts to specific people at certain times. It can let customers become familiar with a company’s brand, marketing materials, products, core beliefs, philosophies, history and even employees. It opens up an entirely different venue for communication and dialogue between a group and the people which it serves.

Additional Sales

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, a website provides a venue for additional sales. Websites can be set up to sell products and accept payments with the help of e-commerce technologies. Even if the group seeking a website is not a physical product, potential clients can research what the group does have to offer and develop more avenues to increase the group’s size and reach.
Whether a website is being sought for a public organization, community or business, it is imperative to establish an online presence as soon as possible. Without a website, the group is losing out on a variety of opportunities that other organizations are not just letting slip through their fingers. Jump onboard the internet bandwagon and see what it can do for you.

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